Session Victim returned to Jimpster’s Delusions Of Grandeur imprint with a third studio album. Listen To Your Heart is the result of a year of cross- continental scripting, started in their Hamburg studio and wrapped up stateside in San Francisco’s Room G Studios.

Sampling still remains an ever present backbone throughout the album. Session Victim have dug deep for sounds, resulting in a richly detailed and organic sound collage that goes hand-in-hand with their live instrumentation, this time enhanced through several guest musician appearances, most notably Carsten Meyer (Erobique, International Pony).



The treasure trove of San Francisco’s record shops proved to be a hard bait to resist and the pair spent a large part of their Californian time hunting for records to sample. Three new tracks emerged from these digging sessions, with the sweeping disco string arrangements on Shadows standing out as a prime ode to days spent combing through bargain bins.

Listen To Your Heart is equally a product of the road. Two US tours in 2016 gave the Hamburg duo the opportunity to take track sketches and fragments on the road to incorporate into their live shows and then digest them back in the studio. An impeccable demonstration of unadulterated house, Listen To Your Heart sees Session Victim at the top of their game.


We met the duo who curated our first Reflected Playlist for a brief Q&A:

Your music in three 3 words?

From the heart.

Hardworking or talent (flow)?

50/50, maybe 40/60…

You are on tour around the world, which cities have the vibe that fits to your music?

London, San Francisco, Johannesburg.

Where and how do you find samples and inspirations for your productions?

Samples we find at a record store, inspiration comes from the people we meet and from the experiences we have performing for and dancing with an audience. Some of them come from pinball tables or the bottom of a scotch bottle.

What is your impression of Berlin’s cultural scene?

It is so big, so varied and fast paced that you never really think you have a real overview. There’s so much going on at the same time. We love Berlin from the DJ point of view, as there’s always places where we can do exactly what we want to and feel fully appreciated for it.

Upcoming festival or location that excites you most?

For festivals that’s Love International, which just happened last week. Doesn’t get any better than this.

Best and worst moments on tour?

Worst moment… hmm, once we did a road trip from San Francisco to San Diego and ended up at a restaurant that came straight out of a Stephen King novel. Doesn’t sound like too much right now, but believe me, it was scary… For the good moments, there’s so many from the past 2 years alone, it’s really hard to pick one.

Reflected Sound of Summer is a collection of tunes that hold a certain kind of summer vibe for Session Victim. With Berlin and Hamburg offering a good bit of t-shirt weather these days, “we would begin a car ride with the windows down and one of these songs right now.”

Bappi Lahiri – Come Closer

Tyrone Davis – In The Mood

Toro Y Moi – Talamak

Michael Boothman – What You Won’t Do For Love

Take – Neon Beams

Pat Metheny – Sueño Con Mexico

Melba Moore – Standing Right Here