Acrobat Lighting

The range, which was launched during Melbourne’s DenFair, pairs porcelain and metal in a series of bars suspended from trapeze-like loops.

The bars are shaped to resemble the movements of aerial performers. There’s a back flip, a forward bend created by draping the bar around the supporting pendant, and a lamp with two arms to create the impression of a double act. In the late 90s Bonasera made a return to ceramics, later launching Porcelain Bear to specialise in porcelain furniture, objects, tiles and lighting.

It took around two years for it to go from its initial concept through many varied incarnations to the final simple, pared-back design. Everything we design and create has to have at least an element of porcelain in it. Although it’s a difficult medium to work and to master, we have dedicated many years to harnessing its idiosyncrasies. Porcelain is 15 per cent harder than glass. It offers a beautiful, warm translucency giving a subtle, delicately diffused light.

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