Mai-Gidah is the London-based contemporary menswear brand by Ali Abdulrahim, a Ghanian Belgian working in London.

Ali’s aesthetic has been heavily influenced by his exposure to a range of cultures and traditions; Born and raised in Ghana, lived and studied in Belgium, and now currently working and living in London. European customs and codes in art, fashion and architecture are fused together with traditional African dress & culture. These cultural differences and similarities, and the ways people respond to the world outside, have introspectively lead the designer to reflect on his own roots, adding a deeper, more personal layer of expression to his work.

Mai-Gidah is typified by the modern but very personal nature of the designs. The spring/summer 2018 collection reflects the designer’s personal path through life. The goal is to find an equilibrium between the contemporary and the classic. While exploring new ways of cutting old patterns and creating visuals through a non digital means, Mai-Gidah is about creating new, interesting silhouettes, allowing traditional ways of masculine dressing to exist alongside modern men’s styles. Innovative and Experimental patterns are developed for each individual piece. Although the garments may appear simple the actual construction is the result of a long process. Bold cuts, juxtaposed fabrics and refinement through elegant details are recurring themes in this collection.

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